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FireSmart Program

Dana Hibbard was recently hired as the FireSmart Educator for the Village of Hazelton and the District of New Hazelton. Dana will be facilitating FireSmart activities throughout the summer within the Upper Skeena.

Dana will facilitate activities that are supported, developed and implemented in accordance with Provincial guidelines. She will be conducting training sessions and workshops, providing helpful tips and recommendations to home owners and educate the public on FireSmart principals.

Dana brings great value to our community with her expertise on FireSmart, fire prevention and emergency preparedness. She has worked on with the BC Wildfire Service and has been a great asset for many years in the Hazelton’s as a Community Educator. If you have any questions or want to learn more about FireSmart, please send an email to

Learn more about FireSmart

With rising global temperatures, the risks of wildfire in BC is increasing each year. In just the past two years, over 600 homes were destroyed in wildfires, and two of the worst incidences in Canadian history have occurred in the past 20 years.

FireSmart is about reducing the threat of wildfire by taking simple steps around your home, property and community.  FireSmart is about increasing your community’s resilience to wildfire.

“When fires strike, the homes that are prepared are the homes left standing.” 

Firesmart BC has a homeowners guide to how to FireSmart your property. Pick up a copy today at the Village office or download a copy from

Top 10 tips to FireSmart your home:

  • Move firewood 10-30 meters from your home
  • Clean your rood and gutters of leaves & pine needles
  • Have a wildfire evacuation plan with your household
  • Keep grass cut to less than 10 cm
  • Trim and prune any trees or vegetation that overhang your roof
  • Take inventory of what kind of trees grow on your property
  • Make sure everyone in your family knows where the gas, electric and water main shut offs are!
  • Assess your roof and chimney : Having a clean, protected roof can significantly improve the chances of the entire structure surviving
  • Move propane tanks 10-30 meters from your home
  • Conduct a FireSmart assessment of your home and property

To stay up to date on our FireSmart initiatives this summer, follow FireSmart Hazeltons on Facebook.